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Visitor Consumables: Enhancing the Visitor Experience with Unique Badges

Badge-feature-imageFreedom of movement can have a strong impact on the overall visitor experience. However, balancing visitor experience with overall site security can prove to be a difficult aspect for any company to master. To help you tackle this problem, TDS Visitor badges helps you identify the visitors of your company daily and recognise unauthorised individuals in your building, simply and effectively.


How do TDS Visitor badges work?

Visitor badges help you identify your visitors. Within seconds, you can recognize unauthorised individuals in your building or know more about who they are. TDS Visitor badges help you to simplify badge printing and customise your brand. 

Badges are commonly used in business and educational environments such as schools, to easily identify visitors. In some organisations such as those with high levels of security, even the employees are obligated to wear badges at all times, depending on the company policy. VisitorBadge2019

When creating the badges for your company, the main question asked is what information is needed on the printed out product. Normally, the standard information needed for these badges for proper execution is: first and last name of the visitor, your company's logo, a custom text labeling the person as a 'visitor', 'contractor', 'interviewee', etc., the name of the host and the date and time of the check-in. 

If your company opted to go beyond the basics, TDS Visitor badges offer the addition of: your company's guest Wi-Fi code, your visitors photo, a QR code which can be used for a fast check-in and check-out, additional icons such as "no camera" and "no smoking", and a number to call in case of an emergency. 


Main features of TDS Visitor Badges

Once registered on the TDS Visitor system, your guests will receive a visitor badge or mobile credential containing a unique QR code. Each QR code is uniquely coded to provide access based on individual visitor profiles, providing access within pre-defined zones for a pre-determined time frame. Simply scan your badge at designated TDS Visitor kiosks and go. 

  1. These badges are very safe as they extend visual identification with printed badges showing main visitors details. You can also limit access safely with self-expiring badges, reducing the risk of misuse.
  2. You can reduce your efforts by automatically badge-printing. Create a template and select what details should be included from the visitor sign-in questions.
  3. Each badge can be personalised and you can choose your style by customising badges with your brand logo, colours, and preferred layout. 
  4. These types of badges from TDS Visitor are paper-based and use a printed QR code for efficient check-in. 

Benefits of Offering Badges to Visitors

1. Improving security levels across your company

For security reasons, your visitors may be obliged to wear name tags at all times. If there's no singular entrance and exit point (with an entry gate) it's quite easy for a stranger to pass through the reception unnoticed. However, if they don't wear a badge, they'll be easily spotted by the security staff or other office workers.  

VIP Holding Badge

By providing your guests with badges, you always know who is who - especially if the visitor's picture is printed on the badge. If someone is walking around without a badge, they probably didn't check-in at the entrance and should not be in the building.

Adding a validity date to the badge is also important. This will prevent visitors from using the badge they received in the post to enter the building at another time. 

2. Building a professional image of your company

Printing out badges at the reception enables you to make a great impression on your visitors. The badge may contain the colours, and the logo of your company, as well as other useful information. Getting the badges printed automatically as soon as the visitor checks in is a good way to create a modern image fo your company. 


visitor badge


3. Integrating the badges with your visitor management system

Badges used to be created manually at the reception. With a visitor management system such as TDS Visitor, the badge is printed automatically and can display much more useful information. This is a huge time saver for both the receptionist and the guest. 


Printing Unique and Fully Customisable Badges

The final stage of a visitor management solutions check-in process is the badge printing. Regardless of whether a visitor pre-registers or completes the check-in on arrival, customised ID badges can be printed in seconds as part of a modern visitor management solution. In some cases where TDS Access Control integrations have been made, ID badges can be scanned at control points to gain access to zones that have been configured to grant authorisation. Kiosks-New-Face

Custom badges have your custom design and/or company logo pre-printed in full colour directly on the badge. When you receive your badge at your office, you'll load them in the printer, and then visitors sign in, their name and sign-in details print in black on top of your colour design.

 With the help of a visitor management system, you can identify different types of visitors at the reception (contractor, interviewee, client). This means you can set up the system so that it will print a different type of badge for each type of visitor. 



Learn more about a Digital Visitor Management solution!

Want to learn more about the importance of TDS Visitor badges as a component in executing a successful digital visitor management solution? Click here or book a demo below to dedicate some time with our visitor management product specialist and see if it's the right product for you. 

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Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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