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    Dublin, 10 August 2021 - TDS V-Receptionist Enables Super Enterprises to More Safely and Efficiently Welcome Visitors Across Global Locations

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    TDS V-Receptionist Enables Enterprises to More Safely and Efficiently Welcome Visitors Across Global Locations


    New solution from TDS, leading provider of smart workplace products, enhances visitor experience, reduces administrative burden and futureproofs front-of-house reception


    DUBLIN, 10 August 2021—TDS, a leading provider of smart workplace products including visitor management, life safety and access control software solutions, today announced V-Receptionist, a virtual-receptionist solution for more safely and efficiently managing visitors to multiple locations across a super enterprise. TDS V-Receptionist enhances visitor experience, reduces administrative burden and costs, and futureproofs and standardizes an organization’s approach to front-of-house reception across all of its global locations.


    With TDS V-Receptionist, users access assistance from a receptionist or their host via video chat at a self-service kiosk, and the receptionist or host is notified via SMS/email notification or desktop or mobile application. Visitor check-in processes are streamlined to only seconds, improving the overall experience for visitor and host alike. Multiple enterprise locations can be served by a single receptionist, perhaps even working from home. TDS V-Receptionist helps large enterprises:


    • adapt for unstaffed receptions/lobbies,
    • avoid crowd bottlenecking during peak visitor periods,
    • manage visits outside of traditional working hours,
    • ensure only authorized guests gain entry to any of their locations and
    • make more informed decisions about visitor activity and facility management.


    Features such as a sign-language speaker, automated sign-in, photo capture, facial recognition, beacon tracking, identification scanning, watch lists, temporary badge replacement and legal document signing can be tailored for the needs of a particular enterprise user.


    “We work closely with more than 300 clients worldwide—many of them multinationals—across tech, finance, aviation, government, pharmaceuticals and other industries to understand their particular requirements for an innovative workplace. We work to improve their working environments and cater to their needs to build steadily safer, more reliable and efficient workplaces,” said Frank Hart, chief executive officer, TDS. “The trend toward digitized safety and security procedures continues to intensify across markets, and that makes V-Receptionist the next logical step in our expansion of flexible, customizable solutions for visitor management, access control, workplace safeguarding, emergency evacuation and student attendance. With TDS V-Receptionist, organizations cost-effectively progress toward a digital integrated workplace.”


    V-Receptionist is powered by TDS Visitor, an industry-leading solution for managing the full visitor lifecycle end-to-end—from pre-registration and self-service check-in, to notification of hosts of visitor arrivals and checkout. TDS Visitor ensures all appropriate health, safety and legal requirements are met and all visitors are accounted for. The solution has deep integration capabilities with existing systems for security, human resources (HR), building management and customer relationship management (CRM).


    About TDS

    Founded in 1990, TDS is a leading provider of smart workplace products including visitor management, life safety and access control software solutions, counting some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious organizations among its customer base. TDS has over 30 years’ experience supporting clients with 3,000-plus sites and over 25 million users worldwide. For more information, visit




    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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