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Designing Flexible Service Offerings for the Super Enterprise with TDS Care

At TDS, we know your system. That is why TDS Care has been designed as part of our TDS SE1 upgrade to provide the best possible support service. With a flexible tiered offering of Standard, Plus and Premium packages, TDS Care allows your company the freedom to select the best level of support for your business's needs.

TDS is very excited to announce the launch of TDS Care as part of our SE1: Series 1 for the Super Enterprise upgrade, which officially launched in September. There are many new and exciting additions within this upgrade and within the added service of TDS Care for our clients.

TDS Care tiered packages takes into account services such as Preventative Software Maintenance, Online 24/7 Ticket Support, Quarterly Reviews with accompanying reports and analytics from our dedicated service team, Application Training along with a Customer Call Centre led by our diligent account managers. All of these features, plus more will aid in our goal of offering the best level of support for our clients, all year round.


Specified Packages Designed For Your Enterprise

TDS felt it was of the utmost importance to offer a variety of TDS Care Packages to our clients which we feel offer a variety of our services to a universal collection of current and potential clients. 

Care Package 1: Standard

Our Standard Service & Maintenance offering, for secure and robust security solutions across your business. This package is the perfect option for security and facility managers of low and mid-risk working environments.

Care Package 2: Plus 

Our Plus Service & Maintenance offering, for a stress-free security solution operation and full safety and regulation compliance. The perfect option for Security and Facilities Teams who run large enterprises or multi-locations security roll-outs who require a clear and precise overview of equipment and solution status, at all times.

Care Package 3: Premium

Our Premium Service & Maintenance offering for customers exposed to high security or business risks that require vigorous access control and visitor management solutions to allow for uninterrupted people, properties, infrastructure 24/7 - 365.


5 Key Features of TDS Care

- 24/7 Support

With the SE1 Upgrade, you can simply log a ticket through our online system or speak with one of our professional support agents via our direct Customer Care Line 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. If they cannot resolve your issue we will dispatch a technician and work alongside them until we can solve your problem.

- Hardware Preventative Maintenance

Many companies fail to maintain their equipment regularly. This can result in a shorter product life span and potential risks. With TDS Care, preventative maintenance ensures that all components and solutions are serviced at the right time, no matter the brand of the product in use. 

- Software Preventative Maintenance 

Software solutions that are over-capacity can also become less secure in the long-term. TDS Care actively maintains your solution based on its usage and other relevant factors.


- Equipment Repair Service

If your security equipment malfunctions or has a damaged component, TDS Care offers technician support. These technicians will identify repair needs during regular maintenance visits, often managing to fix the problem before there is any potential disruption to your device.

- Reports and Analytics

TDS Care offers performance reports which are shared with internal management and stakeholders. These reports include the key metrics and 'health-check' software setting status of your security system which includes both software solutions and equipment.  This transparent report will itemise support tickets and associated resolution times and can be created and segregated by office locations depending on your companies requirements.


Key Benefits of TDS Care

  • Increased Operational efficiencies and improved system availability.
  • Support to both your software solutions and equipment for one point of accountability.
  •  Fast response for all service requests.
  • Bespoke maintenance plans based on security environments, business needs, and system usage.
  • Transparency of solution and equipment performance. 

Want to learn more about TDS Care?

TDS Care is inclusive to all products in the TDS Suite through the SE1 Upgrade which launched in September, this year. If you want to learn more about this upgrade, click here to read more or click below to order a trial of our digital Visitor Management solution if you want to begin your journey to provide armour to your super enterprise with TDS.  


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Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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