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Delivering Zero-Casualty Evacuation Processes with TDS Life-Safety

Delivering Zero Casualty Evacuation - TDS Life SafetyIn 2005 the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act was passed, clarifying and enhancing the responsibilities of employer's and various other parties in relation to health and safety at work (Health and Safety Authority). To help organisations improve their ability to comply, we've developed TDS Life-Safety, a zero-casualty emergency evacuation solution that accurately accounts for employees, visitors and guests in emergency situations.

Today's feature article outlines the 10 most popular business deliverables of an Emergency Evacuation solution.


On-Site Accountability

When visitors, contractors and guests enter and exit facilities, the TDS Safety Information Panel (SIP) updates in real-time, displaying information relating to the total number of personnel on-site at that time along with highlighting the number of each personnel-type on-site (visitor, contractor, employee).


ERT Management

The TDS Safety Information Panel (SIP) provides visibility on which ERT (Emergency Response Team) members and fire marshals are responsible for helping personnel safely evacuate in line with emergency evacuation protocols. In cases of emergency, staff members can access the TDS SIP to identify who they should report to while an evacuation is in progress, ensuring they don't perform any actions that may place them in danger or aren't listed inside emergency evacuation protocols. 


Emergency Evacuation Reporting

Evacuation progress reports allow ERT's and fire marshals access to valuable evacuation insights. These reports are generated to help identify which personnel are in-danger on-site and also help pinpoint last-known-locations. By offering this data in real-time, strategic and tactical plans can be devised by rescue teams to safely and effectively save any individuals who remain in danger.  

TDS Evacuation Reporting

Auto-Generated Missing List

Missing lists are automatically generated on evacuation initiation and can be utilised to identify which personnel remain in-danger. As personnel 'Swipe Safe' at a nearby Muster Point, their status changes from 'In-Danger' to 'Safe'.


Last-Known-Location Tracking

On-site personnel whereabouts can be easily identified through an Access Control integration or alternatively through beacon-integrated ID Badges to improve the visibility of personnel that remain in danger on-site.


TDS Tough Pad

The TDS Tough Pad enables ERT's to efficiently account for personnel quickly and accurately with updates occurring in real-time; allowing evacuation teams to devise successful evacuation strategies, anywhere and anytime. 

Smart Mustering

Third-Party Integrations

With all TDS solutions being capable of deep integration, organisations benefit from value-added solutions. TDS Life-Safety is commonly integrated with TDS Visitor and TDS Access for improved site visibility and security. However, with open-platform architecture, TDS Life-Safety can be easily integrated with over 125 different solutions, ensuring customers benefit from a solution that offers exceptional value. 

TDS Integraitons

Scheduled Testing

The scheduled testing feature provides ERT's and fire marshals with an opportunity to engage with the solution in an immersive and interactive way; so when an emergency does occur, they are familiar with new emergency protocols. This feature can be utilised on a bi-weekly or quarterly basis to ensure all on-site personnel are aware of and comfortable with emergency evacuation procedures.  


Global Scalability

TDS Life-Safety is deployed and hosted on a highly-flexible and secure cloud-based platform, making it a seamless experience when clients decide to expand their TDS Life-Safety solution throughout their global estate. Additionally, with a wide variety of multilingual options available, TDS solutions can be deployed with a level of customisation that ensures the users experience remains a positive one throughout the whole global estate. 


Health, Safety & Legal Compliance

TDS Life-Safety has been deployed to numerous sites across the globe with a proven track record of being a highly innovative and secure emergency evacuation solution whilst also complying with the Health and Safety Act 2005. 


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Taylor McGavisk
Taylor McGavisk
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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