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    Create Professional First Impressions with a Digital Visitor Management System

    Copy of It has brought Its challenges with how we manage our workforce, but we see very active engagement from our customers._ (3)-1Today, first impressions are so important for each person entering your facility when setting up a good relationship. With the pandemic, people are now more cautious when entering any building or workspace. Offering a secure and positive experience upon entry that falls in line with both secure standards and regional COVID-19 restrictions is now a necessity for organisations wishing to provide the best first impressions. 


    Providing Unique and Tailored Experiences for All Personnel 

    When planning for and welcoming visitors to your site, TDS Visitor provides unrivalled functionality including pre-registration and contactless check-in, to notifying hosts of visitor arrivals, and checking out. The visitor system ensures all appropriate health, safety and legal requirements are met and all visitors have been accounted for effectively. 

    The front desk can sometimes be incredibly busy. By using visitor pre-registration, you stay one step ahead of the game and beat the bottle-neck. Bulk upload of visitors can enhance office security, speed up the sign-in process and sends visitors an email with handy information about their upcoming visit to your site. With bulk invites, we’ve made pre-registration even more powerful.

    unrivalled support


    Quick Pre-Registering of all Personnel Planning to Enter Your Facility 

    Registering visitors is now fully optimised and sped up with the updated contactless check-in process bow available with Visitor Pre-Registration. When a visitor has been pre-registered, they receive an email invitation, providing them with full details on their upcoming scheduled visit. The visitor invitation includes office location, hostname, and details on how to successfully check-in on arrival.

    Pre-registering visitors effectively reduces their check-in time from a 1-2 minute process down to a couple of seconds. The more pre-registration compliance you get, the more you will know about the different matrix and key performance indicators you will have around your visitor management program. 


    With a pre-registration functionality, visitor invites and QR codes are provided before the visitors arrival on-site. This allows visitors to check-in safely, securely and quickly on arrival and receive a custom visitor badge with their details and photo. Each QR code is uniquely coded to provide access-based on individual visitor profile, providing access based on individual visitor profile, providing access within pre-defined zones for a pre-determined time-frame. 


    Enhanced Workplace Efficiency With Visitor Invitations

    When a visitor has been pre-registered they receive an email invitation, providing them with full details on their upcoming scheduled visit. The visitor invitation includes office location, host name, and details on how to successfully check-in on arrival.

    TDS Visitor Invite

    With all required details for the visit provided, the visitor and the host will feel more prepared for their meeting while feeling secure in the information provided and received. With these initial interactions, a visitor be sure to create a great first impression of a workplace long before entry!


    Pre-Screening all Personnel on Site

    Due to the strain COVID-19 has placed on organisations globally, it is now important to enhance security procedures for all personnel entering facilities, not just visitors. Along with a contactless workflow upgrade, screening questions before entry are now an integral part of managing all personnel entering your facility while maintaining a safe and secure working environment post-pandemic. 

    To ensure a full risk assessment before permitted entry to any facility, risk profiling with screening questions is the strongest way to prevent further spread of Covid-19 as we return to the workplace.

    Copy of Copy of The next generation of visitor management has arrived. (1)

    Organisations will now need a secure way of monitoring every person who enters their facility post-pandemic to ensure the future stability of their organisation while there are restrictions still in place. 

    Before entering a facility, each expected visitor will be issued a series of questions alongside their visitor invitation relating to their health, travel, and recent contacts over the previous 14 days.


    Simple and Effective Self Check-In Process with TDS Visitor

    In order to provide your visitors, contractors and VIP guests with an enhanced visitor experience, TDS provide multiple visitor capture models to cater to your specific facility and security requirements, depending on the nature of your business, or size of your organisation. 

    All of TDS' secure solutions are designed to follow a user-centric principle with a focus on the user and their experience with the Visitor Management workflow when entering and exiting a building. Now, with COVID-19 being a prevalent issue when conducting everyday entry into buildings, adhering to government guidelines with hygiene, capacity control and risk profiling is increasingly becoming a necessity, globally. 

    TDS proudly provides customers with the option to decide and build their own custom hardware packages, in order to meet their specific security requirements, company vision and corporate values. All hardware options offer the same elegant, modern and intuitive user-interface that TDS has become known for. This device flexibility ensures a digital Visitor Management solution that is suitable for and can complement all office types. 


    Customised Visitor Badges Compatible with A Fully Contactless Workplace 

    The final stage of a Visitor Management solutions check-in process is badge printing. Regardless of whether a visitor pre-registers or completes the check-in on arrival, customised ID badges can be printed in seconds as part of a modern Visitor Management solution. In some cases where Access Control integrations have been made, ID badges can be scanned at control points to gain access to zones that have been configured to grant authorisation.

    When creating the badges for your company, the main question asked is what information is needed on the printed product. Normally, the standard information needed for these badges for proper execution is: first and last name of the visitor, your company's logo, a custom text labelling the person as a 'visitor', 'contractor', 'interviewee', etc., the name of the host and the date and time of the check-in. 


    Customise your badge further by displaying your companies logo on your badges! Add your companies logo to your kiosk or iPad to reinforce your brand and create a polished and professional first impression.

    Now with TDS' Pandemic Proof features for returning to work, visitor badges are fully contactless. The QR codes attached with visitor badges now are fully compatible with a contactless check-in procedure. 


    Achieve Full Health, Safety and Legal Compliance in the Pandemic Workplace

    With each industry governed by unique regulatory frameworks, organisations need to choose solutions that offer opportunities to digitally display and capture critical information before allowing visitors to complete their check-in process. In some cases, the signing of forms or agreeing of terms is required to provide an audit trail for compliance audits and internal investigations.

    The COVID-19 pandemic presented one of the biggest health and safety crises for global workplaces. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and throughout, TDS were at the forefront to support global organisations' return to work with confidence. Our goal has been to assist with an action plan to protect against the pandemic and effectively set best practices when reopening to protect your people, property, and assets.


    Through the TDS Safeguard product solution, organisations have been able to allow all personnel to return to work under government guidance with ease of mind that everyone is protected with the health and safety solutions and measures implemented properly. 


    TDS Visitor for All Personnel, Not Just Visitors

    As countries and companies will begin to return to work throughout the next few months, TDS Visitor check-in kiosks will now be fully adaptable to take account of all members of personnel entering and exiting your site if required, including employees, contractors, guests, etc, and not just visitors. When entering and exiting the site, each person will be screened with several questions relating to their health and movement over the previous weeks.

    Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 14.06.06

    This will be a necessary action to take for all organisations who value the safety of their site and the people within it so that there is a limited risk for further spread of the virus. 

    Organisations will now need a secure way of monitoring every person who enters their facility post-pandemic to ensure the future stability of their organisation while there still may be certain restrictions in place in their region. 


    Step Into 2021 With a Digital Visitor Management System!

    TDS' main mission of 2021 is to assist global organisations' return to work safely and to prepare for a workplace post-pandemic. With TDS Visitor SE2, your visitor management system will have all new pandemic-proof features to help users return to work with confidence. This combined with the TDS Safeguard solution is providing companies around the world with a safe and secure solution etc. 

    Learn more about all of these visitor management trends and predictions by clicking the link here below to book a free demo with one of our visitor management product specialists. Make sure before the new year strikes, that your company has a plan in place to protect, and assets.

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    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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