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Covid-19: Planning for the Continuity of your Business Post-Pandemic with TDS Visitor

Covid19ContinuityThroughout the last few weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has significantly slowed down and halted business operations, worldwide. When this time of global crisis comes to a welcome end, these businesses will require new and innovative ways of rejuvenating and maintaining their everyday business processes and operations.

For now, the majority of businesses are continuing to run at a normal pace through remote working and social distancing in order to create a strong business continuity action among their employees and management. 



Acting Now to Prevent Further Strain on Your Business

It is now time for your organisation to learn ways for it to continue its operation during this unprecedented time where businesses and society alike have come to a halt. Following these guidelines and plans will greatly benefit your business as it builds itself up for the aftermath of this global crises into a well-equipped organisation, ready to function at its best. 

What is a Business Continuity Plan?

A business continuity plan consists of all the active procedures and guidelines that should be followed so that your organisation can continue delivering its service to customers old and new even when being faced with severe disruption for an extended period of time. 

The main goal of any business continuity plan is to protect a companies people, property, and assets before, during, and after a crisis. TDS Visitor Management is our SaaS solution built for the Super Enterprise which was originally developed for the main way a company or organisation can provide for the full visitor lifecycle while delivering a single view of visitors to multiple locations across any organisation. 2020CTACovid-19-1

TDS Visitor will vastly improve how your company continues to recover and redevelop after this global crisis when planning for and welcoming visitors and guests to your facility. From pre-registration and self-service checking in, to notifying hosts of visitor arrivals and checking out, a visitor management solution always ensures that all appropriate health, safety and legal requirements are met. Now, more that ever before, the secure protection of your organisation has become inherent to overall business continuity. 

Visit our TDS Visitor webpage to discover all of the features and benefits our solution offers to your organisation!


What Changes Have Been Made?

The main advice worldwide is that all of society adheres to social distancing and personal hygiene guidelines in and out of the workplace. Following on from this, most companies have had to adopt more preventative measures such as cancelling events, halting business travel, only meeting through online conference calls and enforcing remote working for all of their employees.


At TDS, we have listened to the guidance of our government and asked our employees to work from home and adhere to social distancing. Fortunately, as a cloud-based SaaS company, we are well-equipped to work remotely via our secured servers. 

TDS' continuity plan allows us to continue providing a world-class solution and support as normal during this global crisis. Here are some tips as to how your business may be able to easily adopt a business continuity plan. 


What is Included in a Business Continuity Plan?

There are numerous aspects to a strong business continuity plan which will significantly aid your businesses development during this pandemic:

  1. Deciding who is the best responsible person for what in the event of a business workflow crisis like we are currently experiencing, i.e., assigning and prioritising work both remotely and efficiently.
  2. Updating emergency contact information for all members/employees within the business.
  3. Implementing and informing a company-wide communication strategy. This will be extremely useful for employees and customers with regular status updates as the crisis unfolds. Misinformation throughout your company may make the daily working of your company strained and therefore less productive - positive and effective communication is key throughout this time. Office, Business, Colleagues, Meeting, Computers
  4. Consistently review essential equipment and services and prepare for replacement and alternatives if needed for the ease of workflow continuity. 
  5. Back up all essential and sensitive data required for your businesses needs.
  6. Establish new ways and strategies your business can operate sufficiently and set them into motion early on. When working remotely, employees will need to be well equipped with the necessary tools and technologies for them to complete their daily tasks and workload and for them to have full contact with their colleagues and management. 
  7. Establishing a recovery team for after the crisis as designating these specific specialists will ensure a smooth and organised transition back to normal working conditions and productivity. 
  8. Have a team prepared to assess any damages and to estimate upcoming recovery costs while monitoring the progress of the recovery. 
  9. Have your team identify and analyse the main area of loss throughout the business and also on the main competitors. Doing so can drastically improve the status of the company post-pandemic, ensuring a smoother recovery period. 


Be Fully Prepared by Implementing a Visitor Management System

TDS believe that by continuously pushing to protect your businesses people, property and assets that your can transform your company for the better. Visitor Management will now play a prominent role in overall business continuity planning, globally, following the pandemic.

Managing the current situation we find ourselves in is a straightforward process with multiple workplace functionalities with TDS Visitor and its vast range of products integrations. 

Click here to learn more about TDS' extensive list of TDS Visitor product integrations!


How TDS Visitor Can Provide Your Company With a Secure Working Environment

With the security and stability of future working environments now more important, TDS Visitor provides a truly global SaaS Visitor Management system which integrates with existing security systems and provides real-time accountability for your visitor, while creating a secure and comfortable working environment for your people. 


Key Features:

  • Pre-registration and social distancing group visit management.  
  • Custom Covid-19 alerts upon registration. 
  • Pre-signing documentation before arrival.
  • On-site Health and Safety Reporting 

Along with some of our other general features such as:

  • Facial Recognition.
  • 125+ product integrations.
  • Customisable badge design.
  • Quick check-in with QR codes.
    TDSVisitor1 (1)

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces administrative burdens post-pandemic
  • Increases accountability and safety for on-site visitors
  • Mitigates unknown threats
  • Facilitates high volumes of check-ins while following social distancing guidelines
Along with some of our other general features such as:
  • Improves the overall visitor experience
  • Streamlines Visitor check-in processes.
  • Customise check in experiences. 
  • Utilising key Visitor insight.

Click here to schedule a free demo to learn more about TDS' award-winning Visitor Management solution.


TDS Have Now Launched a Covid-19 Resource Centre!

Click the link below to book a free consultation with one of our company specialists to learn all about all of the actions TDS are taking and how our Visitor Management software can future-proof your facility following the Covid-19 pandemic. 






Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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