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    Building a Secure Nation with Secure Government  Workplace Solutions

    gov article bannerEvery government office building globally is required to provide safety and security to all who enter and exit. Protecting government buildings through industry-specific, pioneering and multi-part enterprise access control solutions is the only way forward, particularly post-pandemic.

    Government industry offices require a security solution experienced in developing digital solutions that accommodate government officials, personnel and members of the public in their day-to-day activities as well as providing intelligent responses to emergency scenarios. 

    Government buildings require continuous security and safety monitoring. Flexible and tailored security and safety systems must achieve integration with the complex requirements of each facility. The events of the last couple of years with the pandemic along with the rapid shift to the cloud and the adoption of remote work have made it clear that while governments are already operating in those ecosystems, their approach to security has yet to catch up.


    Embracing the Connected World Within Government Offices

    The move toward participating in cybersecurity ecosystems has been accelerating, driven largely by access to better tools or a greater variety of skills. In the connected world, the vulnerabilities of one organization can threaten its partners, clients and even an entire industry. No longer are governments content to just protect their own networks; many are beginning to take longer roles in coordinating security across public and private ecosystems. Keeping contractors, employees, and visitors safe by strengthening security processes is key for the government and not for profit organizations. 

    Visitor management security systems ensure that the thousands of visitors, employees, and vendors passing through your facility are screened and verified safe to be in your building. Enhanced systems offer to screen, check and tracking of visitors entering your government not office or facility and offer kiosks to fit the needs of all lobby types. 


    Successfully implementing a Digital Management Solution to Protect your Industry

    A critical need for a national government building in Europe was sourcing a solution that could design and deploy a comprehensive Enterprise Suite inclusive of a variety of digital facility management solutions in line with stringent measures. The solution deployed provided this historic government facility with total visibility of all on-site visitors via a digital visitor management solution as well as a secure and resilient Access Control solution to optimize site security levels. 

    This international government office selected a solution that could provide maintenance and support for all site security systems across the estate, including Visitor Management, Video Management, Vehicle Management, Contractor Management and Access Control. In order to provide for high volumes of visitor facilitation, a solution was supplied to manage and control visitor check-ins quickly and efficiently. To help staff facilitate quicker screening as well as provide visitors with unique badges, multiple freestanding kiosks and tablets were required. 

    It was also key to provide accompanying configurable reports for management to utilise as they regularly seek methods to improve on-site security and to identify each visitor via their tracking number. 

    The management and security of these facilities and locations are crucial to the smooth running of a nation's government processes. Most global organisations will require a solution that could increase their facility's overall efficiency of visitor processing whilst maintaining high-level security standards. Many government organisations may require a solution to facilitate the swift public screenings as well as customizing unique visitor badges. For this to be possible, a simple and intuitive self-service kiosk is a necessity within these organisations that provide assurance of discretion and data protection at all times. 

    Read one of our government facility customer case studies here!

    Some organisations also require their security solutions to allow guests to pre-register their details to the visitor management solution prior to their arrival on-site to further improve check-in processing speeds. This solution allowed them to reduce the administrative burden associated with checking-in visitors and helped the visitor's on-site experience. 

    The capabilities to protect government buildings and their staff are more required than ever before and selecting a solution that is internationally trusted in providing safety and security to a large government office is hugely important. Government facilities and buildings are naturally vulnerable with numerous elements open to the best protection that can be provided. It is essential for government facilities to have a clear and simple system to operate as these buildings plans for the future. Implementing a trusted digital facility management strategy is important to protect and reflect the standards of the nation's government. 

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    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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