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    6 Value Adding Digital Visitor Management System Benefits


    Has your workplace taken the proper steps to ensure your visitor process supports and enhances security measures on-site? With the digital revolution taking over global offices and the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect how offices function, maximising your office security is now key to future-proofing your business.  Today, TDS bring you a list of 6 key Value Adding Visitor Management System Benefits for organisations looking to digitise their front-of-house reception area.


    1. Create Professional First Impressions with a Digital Visitor Management System

    Visitor Pre-Registration

    Registering visitors is now fully optimised and sped up with the updated contactless check-in process bow available with Visitor Pre-Registration. When a visitor has been pre-registered, they receive an email invitation, providing them with full details on their upcoming scheduled visit. The visitor invitation includes office location, hostname, and details on how to successfully check in on arrival.


    Pre-registering visitors effectively reduces their check-in time from a 1-2 minute process down to a couple of seconds. The more pre-registration compliance you get, the more you will know about the different matrix and key performance indicators you will have around your visitor management program. 

    Visitor Invitations

    When a visitor has been pre-registered they receive an email invitation, providing them with full details on their upcoming scheduled visit. The visitor invitation includes office location, hostname, and details on how to successfully check in on arrival.

    TDS Visitor Invite

    With all required details for the visit provided, the visitor and the host will feel more prepared for their meeting while feeling secure in the information provided and received. With these initial interactions, a visitor be sure to create a great first impression of a workplace long before entry!

    Pre-Screening all Personnel On-Site

    Due to the strain COVID-19 has placed on organisations globally, it is now important to enhance security procedures for all personnel entering facilities, not just visitors. Along with a contactless workflow upgrade, screening questions before entry are now an integral part of managing all personnel entering your facility while maintaining a safe and secure working environment post-pandemic. 

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    2. Developing Powerful Brand Perceptions

    Image and experience play a critical role in the ongoing battle for customers and talent. A strong brand - a philosophy that defines everything your organisation does from customer expectations, product design and operating culture - can be the difference between blending in with the competition and standing out as a market leader. 

    Your organisation's reception is one of the main hubs of activity and must now be redeveloped to protect all staff and personnel entering and exiting daily. 


    Many large enterprises have begun to focus on providing visitors with a unique and positive experience as they look to align their branding and value offering throughout the whole organisation. As a strategic plan is created, the visitor's on-site experiences play a critical role in how a visitor develops their first impressions of an organisation.

    Customise Visitor Badges To Increase Brand Identity 

    TDS Visitor badges help you identify the visitors of your company daily and recognise unauthorised individuals in your building, simply and effectively. 

    When creating the badges for your company, the main question asked is what information is needed on the printed-out product. Normally, the standard information needed for these badges for proper execution is the first and last name of the visitor, your company's logo, a custom text labelling the person as a 'visitor', 'contractor', 'interviewee', etc., the name of the host and the date and time of the check-in. 


    Digital Badge

    After successfully checking in via the TDS Visitor capture kiosk and the visitor has been approved by the host, a digital visitor pass is printed. With details including the visitor's name, date of visit, and the host responsible, as well as their ID picture. 

    QR Codes

    QR codes have rapidly grown in popularity due to their ease of use and versatility. The QR code has now become a popular necessity for being one of the main factors for achieving a contactless experience at visitor check-in to a facility, office-space or large scale organisation due to the ongoing restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Each QR code is uniquely coded to provide access based on individual visitor profile, providing access within pre-defined zones for a pre-determined time frame. Simply scan your badge at designated access doors and go!

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    3. Embracing Paperless Workplace Procedures 

    With the recent disruption to daily life from the Covid-19 pandemic, TDS has enhanced the workflow capabilities of our TDS Visitor solution to provide global organisations with a contactless check-in procedure for back-to-work practices, preparing for a workplace post-pandemic.


    Here are the key reasons to create a fully paperless workplace procedure: 

    1) Go Paperless at Reception with Digital Forms

    As is the case with almost every organisation around the world, when visitors and contractors arrive at reception desks to check-in, they are greeted with a seemingly endless list of forms, permissions and contracts they are required to sign before receiving their access pass. In the past, when these forms were signed, receptionists were required to make copies of these files, log them and file them in an organised manner so they can be found again should they ever be required. 


    TDS has eliminated this tedious process from Kiosks, enabling our Super Enterprise clients to avail of a seamless and user-friendly experience. TDS Digital Forms offers clients improved security and provides greater operational efficiency, placing less strain on office materials and storage facilities. 

    2) Superior Security Policies and Improvements

    Whilst a standalone visitor management system is a big improvement on any paper system in distinguishing visitors and why they are present, organisations need to adopt a holistic approach to site security. Integrating visitor management and access control to tighten security policies and improve operational efficiencies.


    The security of your companies systems and facilities should be of significant importance. Storing documents in the cloud are safer than keeping sensitive files in an office. Digital documents are encrypted and protected by numerous layers of security, and access can be restricted to only a few individuals.

    Furthermore, digital files don't run the risk of getting lost due to theft or fire, which are occasional occurrences for small businesses.

    3) Long-Term Cost Efficiency 

    Cutting out the paper in your company means reduced costs for your business. If you are a business that finds itself paper-dependant then you will need to purchase cases of paper regularly to have full stock on hand at all times. Digital information can be shared without the use of paper, printers, scanners, photocopiers.


    Digitising your companies visitor management is the easiest and most cost-effective step your company can take to see a difference in your companies monthly spend. Along with this, when your organisation applies a digital system, it means that they will no longer require reception or front-of-house staff or front-of-house meaning your organisation would save a significant amount of money on a variety of reception costs.  

    4) Improved and Seamless Office Efficiency 

    Also worth noting is that traditional filing cabinets take up a surprising amount of space for holding physical documentation. Without realising it, the square footage that these cabinets occupy in your office space determine and represent a sizeable portion of your lease costs.

    If you own your office space, floor space previously used for the physical storage of documents can be reallocated for revenue-generating business processes. One such implementation should be a visitor management system.

    Copy of It has brought Its challenges with how we manage our workforce, but we see very active engagement from our customers._ (3)-Mar-18-2021-01-27-42-72-PM5) Automate Secure Audit Trails Throughout Your Workplace

    In today's digital workplace, businesses need to keep a record of everything related to their organisation's data. Digital workplaces allow for unlimited storage of data with auto-generated audit trails.

    Organisations have an opportunity to easily view the full records of any document and identify all users activities. This type of visibility is proving essential as more businesses face complex document workflows involving both internal and external stakeholders. 

    4. Reduced Waiting Times at Reception

    With host notifications, organisations can effectively reduce visitor waiting times. Instant notifications are one of the most value-adding features of a modern visitor management solution for hosts and visitors alike. With rich media messaging options such as; text, email, Slack and Skype, hosts can stay informed and send improved communication with plenty of communication options to choose from.

    SMS and Email

    TDS Visitor can notify you of your guests' arrival at any time and any place via SMS and email. This form of instant communication is one of the easiest and most preferred options for receiving host notifications and significantly reduces waiting times at reception.  

    Host Notifications


    The TDS X Slack integration incorporates a push notification system that presents a list of employees and visitors that have signed in, increasing the internal visibility of employees as a result. Each time a visitor check-in via TDS Visitor, a push notification is sent via Slack to the Visitors host, informing them of their visitor's arrival. 

    When a visitor arrives on-site, they can check themselves in via the TDS Visitor kiosk. Once check-in is completed, the host will automatically receive a Slack notification, informing them of their guest's arrival on location in the building. 


    A Skype integration notifies a host of each visitors arrival for a meeting/event via Skype for Business once they have signed in via the TDS Visitor Platform. These convenient alerts ensure that visitors spend more time with their host and less time in the lobby. 

    5. Maximising Workplace Security Solutions 

    Ensure GDPR Compliance and Implement Secure Digital Forms 

    To ensure sensitive third-party information is securely stored and remains confidential, settings can be configured inside the solutions back-office to ensure only authorised personnel are granted access to visitor data, limiting data breach possibilities to only a select few, trusted individuals. 


    Access Control and Touchless Biometric Readers

    Access Control Systems and Visitor Management Systems are converging to meet the 'new norm' in health and safety procedures in the workplace. Specifically, the business-critical nature of managing the flow of visitors and regulating visitor access for the sake of everyone's health and safety. In other words, paper logbooks and clipboards at your front desk are simply unsafe in today's world, and will no longer be enough to secure entry onto your facility. 

    Copy of It has brought Its challenges with how we manage our workforce, but we see very active engagement from our customers._ (4)

    This is where the digital interfaces possible between the two technologies - access control systems and visitor management systems are sparking new ways to accelerate notions of security and safety in the return to work.

    Facial Recognition

    Facial Recognition makes it easy for organisations to add image or video analysis to the check-in process for visitors, contractors and guests' arriving on-site. If a visitor has previously checked in on-site and authorised the Visitor Management Kiosk to capture a photo of their face, their facial features are instantly recognised, allowing the visitor to bypass multiple check-in workflow screens and displays unique visit details on-screen. From here the visitor will complete the remainder of the Visitor Check-In Workflow, confirming visit details, signing NDA’s and printing out their visitor badge.

    digital recognition

    Read more about TDS' Facial Recognition Technology here!


    As an organisation expands and adds more facilities to its multi-location structure, visitor tracking becomes increasingly more difficult to monitor. By utilising the powers of a digital visitor management system and integrated watchlists, visitor visibility and tracking can be drastically improved, offering security teams and reception staff the tools required to track and assess visitors accurately.

    Blacklists and Watchlists can be integrated into TDS Visitor by uploading them in-house to the TDS Visitor system or through third-party integrations such as Interpol or the FBI watchlist

    Future Proof Your Facility with Customisable and Protective Report Settings

    Visitor data needs to be accessible, reported and protected for successful business continuity and due diligence in risk management, there is much emphasis on the need to easily report on visitor data. In fact, many organisations must now retain copies of their visitor health screenings for specific periods of time in case of contact tracing incidents.

    Visitor-ReportsRegular Physical Security Assessments

    As is the case with the majority of business tools, the continuously shifting nature of the global marketplace means that the security solutions you opt for today may not be adequate in a few years time. Ensure your team keeps up to date with a regular physical security assessment – ideally one every year or every two years.


    Enhance Your Workplace in 2021 With a Digital Visitor Management System!

    TDS' main mission of 2021 is to assist global organisations' return to work safely and to prepare for a workplace post-pandemic. With TDS Visitor SE2, your visitor management system will have all new pandemic-proof features to help users return to work with confidence. This combined with the TDS Safeguard solution is providing companies around the world with a safe and secure solution etc. 

    Learn more about all of these visitor management trends and predictions by clicking the link here below to book a free demo with one of our visitor management product specialists. Make sure before the new year strikes, that your company has a plan in place to protect, and assets.

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    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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