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Covid-19: 5 Ways To Take Action Against Covid-19 From Your Reception With TDS Visitor

5CovidWith the current coronavirus outbreak, visitor management for an organisation is more important than ever. Companies need to understand what third-party guests are coming onto their site with stricter guidelines to ensure the utmost safety of their employees and contractors. We have outlined different ways multinational organisations can manage this global health emergency effectively.

Stay Safe and Secure While Operating Business As Usual

Many organisations and business are expected to anticipate a strong financial impact due to the longevity of the restrictions that come with a global pandemic. Along with that, a large number of businesses anticipate a significant change in their companies general operation. 

As most organisations have put business continuity plans into place, they have shown safety and security for their employees and visitors. However, with this in mind, TDS have made it a priority to properly maintain and detail an efficient visitor management process that keeps employees and visitors that are deemed essential on-site to be safe on the premises. 


5 ways an effective Visitor Management system can help organisations be prepared

Companies such as production facilities that are deemed essential to remain open during the COVID-19 crisis now hold the important responsibility of properly screening any necessary visitors. These companies now must keep their staff and visitors as safe as possible. 


Beyond strengthening health and safety in the workplace, organisations dealing with this type of public health emergency can benefit from several features that come along with the right visitor management solution.


1. Implementing Solutions Across Multiple Locations With Speed

Visitor management software can be installed across multiple locations in a matter of days, and all remotely. Deployment projects range from large to very small, regardless, TDS are here to help and find a solution that is catered to you and your organisation. 

Companies need a secure system that can distinguish between a temporary visitor on the site, and who is the person responsible for that visitor. Due to the sheer numbers visiting global company sites, a solution may be required that can reduce the administrative burden for the front of house including security.

Predictive Analytics

Multi-location businesses need a visitor management solution that is flexible, easy to use and can be implemented right across the board. You should be able to schedule a booking anywhere, anytime. Now, more than ever, businesses should seek out the most efficient solution to keep track and secure their staff upon suffering from this global crisis. 


2. Sending Key Visitor Information and Agreements in Advance

It's important to make sure (especially during health emergencies) that individuals understand procedures, warnings, and health codes before entering any building or office space. TDS' cloud-based visitor management system allows hosts to send NDA's or other documents with key information via email to visitors before the scheduled meeting.


With the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, TDS have now implemented a new visitor functionality to their Visitor Kiosks, invitations and iPads as a way of asking and screening for potentially infected visitors to each site.


Read more about TDS' new Custom Alert Functionality for COVID-19 screening


3. Ability to Integrate into Existing Workplace Applications 

Access Control

Using a QR code sent via email, TDS can allow visitors to only access specific areas of your premises through certain turnstiles or doorways. People accessing the building will only be able to access these areas for the given duration of their visit; or, you can set them up with access as recurring visitors.         


Google Suite 

The app formerly known as Google Apps for Work includes internationally popular Gmail and Calendar Apps. The Google Suite integration allows hosts to schedule visitor appointments, register visitors onto the organisations system and send visitors a meeting invitation, all without exiting the Visitor Management System. For those who prefer the Microsoft Suite, Office 365 integrates in the same way.                                                                                                                                                            Slack

Get an automatic push notification to your phone when your guest arrives. Slack lets you know when your visitors are in the lobby and gives hosts an option for real-time responses.


The "world's most popular taxi service" Uber integrates with TDS Visitor by allowing hosts to book or schedule an Uber taxi for guests in the touch of a button. TDS Visitor also supports Lyft and Gett making it now easier than ever to leave your guests with a positive and lasting impression.

Click here to learn more about TDS' extensive list of Visitor integrations 


4. Real-Time Visitor Reports for Keeping Track of Each Individual On-Site

Our software enables management to always be aware of visitor analytics, understanding who is entering the building and when (while also allowing for regular deletion of such data, to comply with data privacy regulations). 

Real-time graphical reporting helps with on-site planning including catering, facilities, parking and hospitality.

  • Workforce & Contractor Monitoring
  • Demonstrate Compliance and Produces External Reports
  • Assign Visit Reason to Each Visitor
  • Enhance facility management


Some organisations within the aviation and automobile sectors are required to keep accurate logs of every person that enters a given building. 

Replacing, inaccurate, and non-secure log books and opting for more efficient, digital visitor management systems helps organisations achieve to these strict requirements. 


5. Flexible Service Offerings with TDS Lifesafety

At TDS, we offer the option of integrating our system into our digital emergency evacuation system, TDS Lifesafety. This product integration allows your organisation to accurately account for your staff in the event of an emergency on-site.Muster Point-2

A fast-paced, accurate and proactive approach to emergency response, TDS Life-Safety is concerned with accurately accounting for all personnel in the event of an emergency. It’s a cutting-edge solution that delivers real-time on-site accountability, optimises rescue planning & management operations and embraces legislative health & safety compliance requirements.

TDS Life-Safety provides real-time data through our innovative hardware which ensures that all occupants have vacated a building during an Emergency Evacuation. From our Muster Point hardware, to "swipe safe" readers and our mobile applications, TDS Lifesafety provides a unique design for keeping your staff safe and accounted for in the event of an emergency

Throughout recent weeks, the world has seen how actively preparing for unprecedented events has become more and more pertinent to everyday working life. Being prepared for the unknown and having the most efficient system possible, makes any emergency or crisis easier to navigate for all organisations and people involved. 


Click here to book a free TDS Visitor Management demo with one of our dedicated product specialists


Overall Preparation is Key to Battling a Global Crisis

At the moment, our world is experiencing an outbreak that has disrupted our everyday lives and our working abilities. It now also needs to be acknowledged that we may experience something similar in its overall effect in the future in the form of another virus outbreak, natural disaster and other disruptions to our lives and businesses. 

Being prepared for any unprecedented event such as the COVID-29 pandemic at the moment is key to maintaining your organisations continuing success. 


For further information on how your organisation can maintain productivity throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, please read more information from any of the following websites:

  •  World Health Organisation
  • HSE.IE
  • Please visit the government site of your respective country/region for accurate information about how Covid-19 is affecting your region.

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Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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