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    5 Reasons Workplaces Require a Digital Emergency Evacuation Solution

    ls articleTDS Life Safety is our cutting-edge, comprehensive technology that accurately accounts for formal, on-site personnel employees, visitors, and guests in emergencies with a 'Zero Casualty' Digital Emergency Evacuation. 

    What is the Emergency Evacuation Procedure?

    In situations requiring complete site evacuation, TDS Life-Safety delivers proactive counting capabilities using innovative mustering technology, to ensure real-time accountability for missing persons. As personnel swipes safe at designated Life Safety Muster Points, a missing list is then made available on intelligent mobile devices which automatically update, offering a unique insight into the various stages of evacuation.


    Through a combination of Head Counting, Muster Points, Last-Known-Locations, and a Safety Information Panel (SIP), insights on evacuation progress, identifying individuals that have 'swiped safe' and providing extensive reporting suite to assist emergency services to pinpoint individuals that remain in danger. 

    Visit our TDS website to learn more about our innovative emergency evacuation solution, TDS Life Safety.


    The 5 key benefits of a digital emergency evacuation solution aiming to protect your organisation include:

    1. Accurate and Real-Time Headcounting of Evacuees

    There is a wide variety of digital solutions available for organizations that want to track and record the number of their company personnel on-site. In particular, TDS Access Control and Visitor Management solutions can be utilized and integrated with Emergency Evacuation solutions Safety Information Panels (SIP) to provide real-time headcounts.

    Inside the TDS Safety Info Panel, details can be found on; the number of personnel on-site, their status, and details of their last badge transaction.  The feature of the Safety Information Panel is part of the TDS Life Safety back-office and is easily customizable to meet complex organizational needs.


    2. Increased On-Site Accountability

    When visitors, contractors, and guests enter and exit facilities, the TDS Safety Information Panel updates in real-time, displaying information relating to the number of personnel on-site at that time.

    Increased on-site accountability is essential for a workplace with a high number of employees, and regular visitors and contractors entering their organisation. In the event of an emergency, having increased on-site accountability allows emergency response services to easily and quickly identify all persons in a building, whether they are staff or a visitor. This ensures that the rescue planning and management of the emergency is optimised at a high level, further ensuring the safety of all persons.



    3. Availability of Last-Known Location

    TDS Life Safety's extensive reporting suite assists emergency services in pinpointing the last known location of missing persons or unaccounted individuals. A 'Missing List' is automatically generated upon initiation of the evacuation process which is accessible via an intelligent mustering tablet or smartphone.

    The missing list deems all personnel absent at the initial stage of the evacuation procedure, reducing numbers in real-time when personnel successfully 'swipe safe' using their ID badge at a designated safety muster point. If there were any unaccounted personnel, TDS Life Safety would be able to provide an extensive report as to the last known location of missing persons. 


    4. Robust Reporting Functionality

    TDS Safety Information Panel automatically updates as personnel enter and leave the facility. TDS SIP provides complete visibility of available Emergency Response Team members should an incident arise on-site and emergency assistance be required. If an incident was to occur or the test mode is enabled, SIP can provide a detailed report which allows for the assessment of the evacuation time of your facility. This robust reporting automatically improves rescue planning and management efforts.


    5. Accounts for Third Party Individuals

    Whilst maintaining a high level of safety, TDS Life Safety also accounts for third-party individuals whilst they are on site which in turn provides an enhanced visitor experience. This technology provides a full visitor cycle from pre-booking to tracking onsite. In the case of an emergency, third-party visitors on site are accounted for in addition to personnel and contractors providing a full overview of the organisation. 


    Learn more about the features of TDS Life Safety!

    Want to learn more about this robust technology and how it can aid in the safe evacuation of your company? Click here or click the link below to discover how digitising your Emergency Evacuation Procedure with TDS Life Safety can ensure optimum responsibility and safety compliance for your Super Enterprise.

    Learn More about TDS Life-Safety


    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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