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    5 Reasons to Digitise Your Visitor Experience

    5-Reasons-to-Digitise-Your-Visitor-ExperienceWith digital transformation effectively helping organisations improve internal and external processes, the front-of-house is just one of the areas a modern Visitor Management solution impacts. TDS bring you a list of the 5 reasons to digitise your visitor experience. 

    What is the Visitor Experience?

    The visitor experience relates to how a visitor is treated, processed and catered to whilst on-site as a guest of an organisation. Many large enterprises have begun to focus on providing visitors with a unique and positive experience as they look to align their branding and value offering throughout the whole organisation. As a strategic plan is created, the visitors on-site experience plays a critical role in how a visitor develops their first impressions of an organisation.  


    Increased Check-In Efficiency

    The digital transformation of different departments throughout organisations have permanently changed daily operations.  Traditional paper systems have been phased out due to susceptibility to human error and the resources involved in manually inputting and maintaining such systems in line with GDPR compliance. Digital Visitor Management solutions offer defined data capturing workflows and data protecting protocols. Digital visitor solutions make check-in processing more efficient, secure and productive, setting clear roles for employees and visitors alike.


    Unique and Innovative Experiences

    With an increasingly tech-savvy culture, people expect to be impressed by organisations that use technology in new and innovative ways. A visitor management system offers the opportunity to enhance visits to your facility for clients and other valued stakeholders. Visitor management offers an alternative to confusion, mix-ups and waiting times for guests that naturally occur with manual systems and instead greets visitors with a smooth process from start to finish.


    Total On-Site Transparency

    At times when security personnel are high in demand, being able to account for every individual on-site can be hugely important. Organisations are now looking at how they can protect property, information and most importantly employees. Automated visitor processing helps to prevent guests who do not have security clearance to access the building and can also perform security checks on scheduled guests. Security and management can use this as a highly effective tool to protect the safety of their organisation.


    Detailed Reporting Insights

    Have you ever thought about the data your organisation collects on a daily basis? Companies are using the trend in big data analytics to identify patterns that can be used to grow and develop their business activities. Smart visitor management follows the same principles of repurposing the data collected by the system to offer insights that can be used to optimise security procedures and identify visitor patterns. The ability to generate reports can offer insights into the different visitors and employee activities at your organisation.


    Centralised Security Management

    With variations across different facilities and organisations operating from different existing security systems, many organisations favour a visitor system that offers centralised control. This allows for standardisation of security and operational procedures across multiple sites and geographical locations. Digital security systems allow for the integration of existing security measures and flexibility across an organisation while allowing management to oversee security operations from a central platform.


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    A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Visitor Management

    Adam Roylance
    Adam Roylance
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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