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    5 Key Steps to Achieve Increased Productivity in Your Workplace

    Copy of Copy of Copy of It has brought Its challenges with how we manage our workforce, but we see very active engagement from our customers. (5)The growing demand for a digitised workplace has brought an increased emphasis on the particular features that make a visitor management solution secure for your workplace. Digitising workplaces globally has been one of the most effective measures taken by an organisation when preparing to welcome its employees back to work in 2021. 

    Here are 5 key ways Digital Visitor Management will increase your organisation's productivity: 


    1. A streamlined check-in process (and contactless!)

    As countries and companies around the world continue to return to work throughout the next few months, TDS Visitor check-in kiosks will now be fully adaptable to take account of all members of personnel entering and exiting your site if required, including employees, contractors, guests, etc, and not just visitors. Once pre-registered, individuals can streamline their on-site check-in experience by simply inputting their reference details before alerting their host of arrival. While self-service check-in options are beneficial to visitors and other third parties, receptionists experience one of the most dynamic productivity shifts as they can alleviate the burdens associated with processing visitor check-ins and allocate more time to completing other tasks at hand. 

    The digital transformation of different development throughout organisations have permanently changed daily operations. Traditional paper systems have been phased out due to susceptibility to human error and the resources involved in manually inputting and maintaining such systems in line with GDPR compliance. Digital Visitor management solutions offer defined data protection protocols. Digital Visitor solutions make check-in processing more efficient, secure and productive, setting clear rules for employees and visitors alike.


    By offering organisations the ability to create and customise workflows to suit each visitor type and instance, check-in processes can be streamlined by eliminating unnecessary data gathering, and visitor experiences can be enhanced by using self-service check-in options. Also, as employees and visitors make their full return to work this year following the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing concise workflows throughout the company is more important than ever before including additional settings such as contact tracingcustom alerts and sanitisation stations at check-in. 


    2. Complete transparency of real-time visitors and contractors on-site

    At times when security personnel are high in demand, being able to account for each individual on-site can be hugely important. Organisations are now looking at how they can protect property, information and most importantly employees. Automated visitor processing helps prevent guests who do not have security clearance to access the building and perform security checks on scheduled guests. Security and management can use this as a highly effective tool to protect the safety of their organisation. 

    With this in mind, TDS just became more powerful with their latest integration with FedCheck by Ident Solutions. The purpose of FedCheck is to help organisations identify risks, implement background checks on visitors while keeping people safe.

    Copy of It has brought Its challenges with how we manage our workforce, but we see very active engagement from our customers.-1

    When a visitor enters your facility, it is very important they enter through complete security protocols. No organisation today would not run a comprehensive background check on each person they hire, so why not conduct a background check on anyone entering your facility? Traditional background checks would never work in this scenario as they take too long and cost too much - this is where FedCheck comes in.


    3. Using Visitor Data to Improve Facility Management

    The gathering of data begins at the very beginning of the visit. It all starts with pre-registration. The more pre-registration compliance you get, the more you will know about the different matrix and key performance indicators you will have around your visitor management program.


    Data regarding reasons for visiting a site or how many third-party individuals came on-site throughout a timeframe could be optimised in terms of a visitor within a certain timeframe and revealing a number of times a visitor was onsite and for what particular reasons. 


    4. Engaging visitor invitations automatically distributed once registered

    The mass reduction in time wasted on paper-chasing has helped many larger organisations prevent crowd bottlenecking during peak visitor periods improving the overall experience for both the host and the visitor. When a visitor has been pre-registered, they receive an email invitation, providing them with full details on their upcoming scheduled visit. The visitor invitation includes office location, hostname, and details on how to successfully check-in on arrival.


    If your visitors are automatically pre-registered, your employees will automatically be notified of guests arrival. When your system can pre-register guests and review all previous and upcoming visits, it eliminates unnecessary phone calls to your reception desk, improving management and maximising visibility. This feature can be hugely beneficial for events, conferences or large meetings, helping organisations process high volumes of visitors in a detailed and efficient manner. 


    5. Expansive integrations to make your solution fit your workplace better

    One of the greatest advantages of transforming your reception with a Digital Visitor Management System is the ability to integrate it into your existing workplace applications.

    For any future-proof solution on the market, it’s important to consider how well it integrates with other solutions. With Visitor Management solutions, the opportunity to integrate with Access Control and Watchlists can extend the functionality for security purposes. Additionally, internally used applications such as; Docusign and Office 365 can be integrated into Visitor Management solutions to create a value-enhanced experience for employees.


    With TDS Visitor integrations, our visitor management solution continues to expand its capabilities and functionality for users, providing countless benefits including overall improved security for a workplace, significant scalability opportunities for multi-national organisations and increased workflows into already exiting workplace applications. All of our new integrations included within our new TDS Visitor SE2 upgrade allows workplaces to effectively move forward amidst the continuing global restrictions and workplace guidelines, following the Covid-19 pandemic.



    Enhance Your Workplace in 2021 With a Digital Visitor Management System!

    TDS' main mission of 2021 is to assist global organisations' return to work safely and to prepare for a workplace post-pandemic. With TDS Visitor SE2, your visitor management system will have all new pandemic-proof features to help users return to work with confidence. This combined with the TDS Safeguard solution is providing companies around the world with a safe and secure solution etc. 

    Learn more about all of these visitor management trends and predictions by clicking the link here below to book a free demo with one of our visitor management product specialists. 

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    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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