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5 Essential Aspects of a Modern Access Control Solution

Comprehensive Access Control solutions are fundamental to the protection of Super Enterprises, helping organisations defend against threats from the gateway to the endpoint. Typically, these solutions focus on improving security and ensuring employees, guests and assets remain protected .


GoDaddy choose TDS to for their global Access Control solution

GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name provider, has selected TDS Access to provide access control across their global estate. Employing 8,000+ staff, GoDaddy powers over 76M active web domains from their 14 facilities across the globe in US, Europe, Asia and India.


Watch List Integration for TDS Visitor

In the past, organisations tracked their visitors via traditional, paper-based visitor management methods. As an organisation expands and adds more facilities to their multi-location structure, visitor tracking becomes increasingly more difficult to monitor.


4 Hacks to Transform your Reception Area

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, this particularly rings through in the business world. Within moments of entering your office, potential clients create a judgement on your organisation. In a glance, they instantly decide how trustworthy you are, how financially stable you are, and often if your business is capable of entering into a business agreement. 


Visitor Management for the Financial Sector

TDS Visitor is a SaaS-based Digital Visitor Management solution, committed to the development of future-proofing visitor management, designed for the Super Enterprise.


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