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How to Manage VIPs with a Visitor Management solution

Every visitor that arrives on-site should be treated well and with care. However, often with Super Enterprises, visitors of significant importance arrive on-site. When these VIPs arrive, staff raise the bar in ensuring their guests receive a positive and seamless visitor experience. From pre-arrival planning to departure parting gifts, each organisation that engages with high-level customer care realises that every point of interaction between the organisation and the visitor can have an impact on the visitors experience. As we have seen with some of our Fortune 500 clients, digital Visitor Management solutions are being deployed at reception areas to ensure the first hurdle of visitor checking-in is as efficient and productive as possible. 


TDS Integrate with StoneLock

TDS is delighted to announce that we now integrate with StoneLock, a global leader in designing and manufacturing of secure biometric solutions.


Achieving GxP Compliance with TDS Cloud

TDS is proud to announce that TDS Cloud is fully compatible with GxP requirements, ensuring our clients' data is used to make product-related safety decisions. 


How to Digitise an Emergency Evacuation Plan

With stringent regulations and acts enforcing laws that are designed to safeguard everyone on-site, Emergency Evacuation Plans have been developed to mitigate risks and improve the probability of safe evacuation in emergency situations.


TDS now integrates with Milestone XProtect Access

TDS is delighted to announce that we now integration with Milestone Systems, the global leader in IP video management software and surveillance solutions.


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