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TDS Receives LenelS2 Factory Certification under the Lenel S2 OpenAccess Alliance Program

TDS (Time Data Security) LTD's TDS Visitor upcoming SE2 upgrade interfaces with the LenelS2 Onguard® access control security system.


The Importance of an Integrated Workplace Post-Pandemic

With the current global pandemic, all workplaces must evolve their secure solutions to ensure the best protection for their employees and personnel. Integrated, secure solutions are now key to facilitating the goals of global workplaces when moving forward through the pandemic while protecting their colleagues, contractors and visitors. 


Irish Tech News Podcast: Highlights from TDS' Interview On Return To Work Strategies

TDS' Chief Technical Officer Stephen Bishop recently appeared on the Irish Tech News Podcast with Ronan Leonard to discuss returning to work in a pandemic. We've selected some highlights from the episode below. 


Sunday Independent 04/09/2020: TDS Feature Return to Workplace Strategy and Plans for Future

Last week, TDS spoke with Sean Pollock of The Sunday Independent to discuss how TDS have pivoted their solutions to cater to the new requirements of workplaces all around the world, and future plans for the company following major new client deals.


How is Your Organisation Managing the Capacity of Your Workplace?

Capacity Management is an essential part of returning to work safely during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Lower office capacity gives employees and visitors the space to follow social distancing guidelines at work which is now a necessity for workplaces, globally.


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