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2018: The Year of the Cloud



GDPR Tip #3: Change of Mind

The third and final post in our GDPR mini-series, this post takes a look at how the new legislation aims to provide greater control to data subjects and the implications of this shift on your organization's visitor management practices. 


Passport & ID Scanning

TDS is constantly innovating and adding extra levels of security to keep your premises safe. In today's blog post we'll go into some more detail about the new ' Passport and ID scanning' feature, which is now available as part of the TDS Enterprise Suite for Visitor Management. How it works


GDPR Tip #2: Consent is Key

The first interaction for many entering your facility, your visitor management solution can make or break GDPR compliance particularly in the event of a site audit. Consider the scenario an auditor visits your offices and registers upon a digital or paper-based visitor management solution, personal data will be required to complete the check-in process (for example name or in the case of high-security facilities a scan of their government ID). How is this information captured, processed and stored? Is the process fully compliant?


5 Great Integrations to Improve Guest Experience

One of the huge advantages of moving to a Digital Visitor Management System is the ability to integrate into your existing workplace applications. In today’s blog post, we’re going to highlight our Top 5 favourite integrations for impressing visitors, and making your lives easier.


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