TDS X Bindle Integration

    TDS is delighted to announce the most recent integration to Bindle, improving the workflow of TDS Visitor. TDS has achieved an enhanced flexible and scalable visitor management solution by integrating Bindle's health verification application for proof of vaccination in workplaces everywhere.


    Bindle is a health verification app that was purpose-built to respect the right to personal privacy. This solution is becoming a necessity for many organisations, globally as America has just announced their COVID-19 mandate on companies employing 100 people or more. 

    Stringent measures such as these are further protecting global workplaces and with Bindle, visitors can safely and privately store COVID-19 test results and vaccine records using military-grade encryption, to transform these health records into anonymous entry passes.

    With Bindle, your identity is kept strictly confidential in order to protect your sensitive health information. The app allows visitors to securely store their health status whenever going into a shared space. That means Bindle won't ever have access to your data. 

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    Read our TDS X Bindle blog post to learn more!




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