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    An indigenous Irish company, we are proud to have achieved over 25 years experience in supporting our clients across many industries and countries. We have experienced rapid growth in recent years as trends towards digitising safety and security procedures continue to spread. Having invested in research and design to develop products that offer diversity and customization for our clients, we continue to utilise the most advanced technology available, to protect the assets that are important to our clients.

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    The TDS Customer Journey

    Customer Journery

    About us highlights



    ISO Certified

    Being ISO Certified helps TDS ensure that customers get consistent, excellent quality products and services.

    Clients Worldwide


    More than 300 Clients Worldwide

    Beginning in Ireland and then expanding into the UK, TDS is now used in 44 countries across the world.



    Over 29 Years of Safety Experience

    Developing systems that are fine tuned to our client needs, we provide solutions that support safety and accountability.

    Our Mission

    Our Mission

    Our Mission

    We endeavour to deliver digital security solutions that fit the specific needs of our clients. Catering to a variety of industries including aviation, government, pharmaceutical, retail, multinationals and education means that we work closely with our clients to tailor our system to different requirements. By challenging ourselves to constantly develop in line with technological advancements, company growth and emerging capabilities, we ensure the highest levels of support can be offered to both new and existing clients. Our aim is to create value for organisations seeking ease and efficiency for their safety procedures through rethinking and invigorating ways in which technology can be applied and further utilised.

    Our Vision

    Our Vision

    Our Vision

    Developing systems that help to secure the assets that are important to our customers is at the centre of all our activities. Coupling over two decades of experience in meeting customer expectations with heightened demand for digital security has allowed TDS to achieve rapid growth in recent years. Our goal is to continue this success in providing clients with solutions that enhance safety and accountability through building on our strengths to become the number one provider in the industry.

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    Green Initiatives


    At our TDS headquarters in Dublin and other Office locations in Cork and London we have introduced environmental initiatives  including;

    Going Paperless – With digital solutions such as DocuSign, Harvest and Natural HR replacing some traditional document sharing procedures, our office environment has benefitted from a substantial reduction in paper usage.

    Changing Team Habits - Encouraging our team to make every day eco-friendly choices such as introducing reusable coffee cups, recycling bins & managed sanitary bins, we continue to replace single-use plastic with a more environmentally alternative where possible.

    Flexible Work Policy – Working from home has considerable advantages both our employees and the environment, reducing carbon emission that would be produced on a commute to work.

    Government Travel Initiatives – greener travel to work choices help TDS to further reduce carbon emissions. Available options include; Cycle to Work Scheme, Tax Free Public Transport and Electronic Vehicle Grants.



    Managing TDS Energy Consumption – We try to manage our office energy usage as best we can by opting for energy-saving light-bulbs in place of regular bulbs, by utilising timer systems when office spaces are not in us and by using a wall-based smart application that ensures rooms are optimised with a low energy consumption heating system.


    Suppliers – TDS select suppliers that are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, proving to us that they have reached an internationally recognised standard of quality management along with disclosing their environmental impact and chain of custody processes. Where a suitable and qualified supplier is available, it is a TDS policy to always give preference to a supplier that is accredited with an IS014001 Environmental Management System.


    Print Materials – TDS only purchase FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) licensed products from suitable and verified sellers. For solvent-based printing processes, we work with suppliers that conform to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards and can demonstrate a zero non-conformance record for up to 6 months prior to working with us.

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    Join Us

    Join Us

    As an organisation undergoing exponential growth, we are always seeking new talent to join our team to add to our knowledge and experience. At TDS, we know the employees behind our systems are what make the company succeed and continue to develop, and that’s why we hire the best. Our slogan ‘Be Part of Something Great’ signifies that our employees will be given the opportunity to contribute to true innovation while being part of a team that is geared towards the future of digital security solutions.

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